Our Story


We here at The Toss Up have perfected the art of tossing up the perfect combination of salad ingredients to give you exactly what you desire. We believe in using only the highest grade of products to ensure our customers only get served the best and at affordable and reliable prices. We specialize in custom salads, among other items, salad being our focus. For many years, growing up, my parents served me and my siblings' salad with most of our meals. I was introduced to salad at such a young age. I grew to love them, which eventually became my favorite meal. Incorporating salads into my weekly diet has helped me maintain healthy body weight and consume key nutrients. It was always hard to find a restaurant catered specifically to salads with quality ingredients, which inspired me to transform this dream of mine into a reality. This then drove me to open a restaurant of my own with delicious salads of the highest quality ingredients. So here we are today. Now in 2020, with the trying times of the pandemic, it seems to be the perfect time to educate and encourage people to eat healthier especially African Americans who seem to be the ones who suffer the most. In the future, we are looking forward to expanding our vision throughout California, giving everyone access to healthier choices. I would like to personally invite you to make the right decision and stop by for one of our fresh salads.